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Cheap calls all over the world!
We offer you the most comfortable and cheapest way to make long distance calls. We work with Premium Telephone Service Providers and strive to offer you the best services on the market with lowest rates. Buy a card Online and make a call from anywhere, anytime!
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With the prepaid calling card you have the following advantages:
Money saving. Prepaid phone cards offer much lower international long distance calls than regular long distance services from major phone companies.
Convenience. You can buy a card at any time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Prepaid calling cards are an easy way to make a long distance call from home, office, hotel or your cell phone.
Protection from fraud. If you lose a regular calling card, you can decline your responsibility for all the calls made with it from the time it has been lost only after your lost order report is received. But if a prepaid calling card is lost, your loss is limited to the value of the card.
Budget control for teens as well as for business travellers. By giving individuals in these groups a prepaid calling card, you choose and limit the amount of money that can be spent on phone calls.
Anonymity. If you use a calling card for your calls, the called subscriber doesn't see your telephone number. The only right way to save confidentiality is to call with prepaid calling cards.
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